Dear Friends,

          On behalf of Brown County, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 200th anniversary of Brown County’s incorporation.  We have a vibrant economy sustained by a diverse employment base, a comprehensive education system, and a healthy quality of life supported by ample cultural activities, a highly specialized medical community, abundant green space, sports and recreation including America’s football team, the Green Bay Packers.

           Our 200th anniversary provides a moment in time to acknowledge our great triumphs, including our strong mix of industries which has created an exceptionally stable economy with consistently lower than average unemployment rates. Brown County’s population growth consistently ranks as one of the fastest among metropolitan areas in the U.S.

As Brown County moves forward into the future, we will maintain connections to our past and to our values. We engage our residents today by providing facilities, services and programming that provides them with opportunities to grow. And, as we plan for our future, we will look to technology and innovation and how by embracing them we can take our strengths in resource recovery, manufacturing, food processing and water stewardship and leverage them so that Brown County becomes the destination for those who are starting out, those who are raising families, and those enjoying wishing to enjoy their retirement years.


Brown County 200th Anniversary

Committee Members

  • Beth Lemke

    Neville Public Museum Executive Director Beth Lemke holds an MA in Historical Administration from Eastern Illinois University and a BS in Secondary Education from Indiana University.  She has over 21 years of experience in museums including research and development of interpretive programming and exhibitions, financial coordination and administration of museum functions, and training and evaluation of staff and services.  Ms. Lemke also brings classroom teaching experience in communications, drama and U.S. History.  Prior to working at the Neville Public Museum she spent thirteen years at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison.
    She is the only child of two teachers, the wife of a local pharmacist and mother to two boys (Jackson, age 8, and Everett, age 5).  Beth is actively engaged in the development and preservation of community partnerships and programming opportunities with local cultural resources within Brown County.
    Beth Lemke, Neville Public Museum Executive Director

  • Jeff Flynt

    Jeff was appointed to help organize the committee as part of County Executive Troy Streckenbach’s vision for the 200th Anniversary of Brown County. The goal is to celebrate and recognize the rich history of Brown County, border-to-border, by sharing the stories of our past and present and establishing a great community for everyone to live, work and play into the future.
    Jeff Flynt, Deputy Executive, Brown County

  • Lisa Kain

    Lisa is the curator at the Neville Public Museum and the exhibit Our Brown County.   After graduating from Ashwaubenon High School, Lisa graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from UW-Stevens Point and a Master’s degree from UW-Milwaukee.  Lisa joined the committee because of the exhibit Our Brown County at the Neville Public Museum.  While working on the exhibit and with the committee she has been able to share the sense of pride she has in her community with others.   

    Lisa Kain, Curator, Neville Public Museum

  • Tony Klaubauf

    Tony Klaubauf has been in public education 37 years.  He has been the District Administrator in Denmark the past 14 years.   Besides proudly serving on the 200th Brown County Anniversary Committee, Mr. Klaubauf has been actively involved with Partners in Education with the Green Bay Chamber, Achieve Brown County and the Denmark Community Business Association.   He is also the President of the Denmark/Maribel Community Cupboard.
    Tony Klaubauf, District Administrator, Denmark Schools